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Clicking Pictures That Pop

I help businesses reach new audience, increase sales and profitability, and create engagement on social media platforms through high quality product imagery.

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Offering start-to-finish top-notch video production services

I do topic research, scriptwriting, filming, lighting setup, audio recording, video editing, color correction and color grading, audio post-production, and motion graphics.


"Mohamed is easily one of the best freelancers I've worked with. He has gone above and beyond expectations and has provided high-quality work on-time or early with every milestone. His creative abilities and his video editing skills have been fantastic, and he has also given some great advice for our future video projects. I look forward to a long working relationship with Mohamed and would highly recommend him to others!"

Anastasia Parris, Product Marketing Manager at Rain Instant Pay


"Mohamed is by far the best editor I've worked with. He takes great pride in his work and puts in a lot of effort to make the end result amazing. His videos have really helped my channel grow and I can't recommend him enough! Look forward to out future projects together."

Reece Ward, Content Creator


"Highly recommend Mohamed! He is extremely professional and diligent at his work. Also, has in depth knowledge about his services and goes above and beyond to deliver. You will not be disappointed with his work for sure!"

Bansi Amin, Director of Operations at SBC Talent Networks


"Mohamed handles video editing for my YouTube channel which has approximately 5 million subscribers. I can say with confidence that this guy is the most professional and creative video editor I have ever worked with. At first, I was skeptical about outsourcing video editing because I consider myself a perfectionist. But somehow, this guy went above and beyond and surpassed my expectations. He amazed me with his work and to this day, he is pushing limits with every project. He is not the type of guy who just wants to get the job done, he cares to listen to the client and gives his creative input whenever possible. To conclude, you can DEPEND on him to get the job done in the best and most creative way possible without needing micro-management."

Ahmed Abou Zaid, Content Creator

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